#HeadToWCEU 2020

Cancelled due to COVID-19


Cycling 3,000 km from Germany to Portugal 

To raise awareness of positive mental and physical health



From #WCEU Venue 2019 - Estrel, Berlin
To #WCEU Venue 2020 - Super Bock Arena, Porto, Portugal

#HeadToWCEU Map



In May 2020 members of the WP&UP team will be leaving the WordCamp Europe 2019 venue; The Estrel, Berlin, Germany and undertaking a gruelling 3,000 km ride across Europe to the 2020 #WCEU venue; Super Bock Arena, Porto, Portugal.

You can follow along with every update as the team prepares both physically and mentally to undertake this charitable ride. 



No member of the team is a professional athlete.  This is being undertaken by members of the WordPress community, to help support WP&UP's mission.

Head over and read more about the riders and their stories.  You can also subscribe for regular updates on their nutritional and exercise plans.

Interested in being involved? Check out this page or email us and let us know why you're interested and we can share more about what's involved. Be sure to mention #HeadToWCEU.

#HeadToWCEU The Riders



The #HeadToWCEU project aligns with WP&UP's mission; to support and promote positive mental health within the WordPress community.

Our intention is to raise awareness of the need for improved mental and physical health.

WP and UP

The journey will be documented by the team, you will also be able to be part of this yourself.  Every team member will continue their regular day-to-day activities; running their businesses, undertaking work responsibilities, and ensuring their personal lives are balanced.  We will demonstrate small changes amounting to an overall improvement in our physical and mental well-being.



This project wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for companies who believe in supporting a positive, healthy community.  WP&UP is a registered non-profit that ensures support is delivered to community members at times of greatest need.


TORQUE Magazine
WP Tavern



The generosity of the WordPress community has enabled WP&UP to deliver over 5,000* hours of companionship and mentorship to fellow members.  Donations have ensured the most vulnerable in our community have been able to access professional support when needed.

Please help us to continue to deliver this support.  Every penny goes directly to the registered charity.

Dan Maby